Our Patriots

Babcock, Peter P.
Private, New Jersey, 1st Regiment, Company K, Volunteer Cavalry
Bates, Francis Marion
Private, Illinois, 80th Regiment, Company E, Infantry
Bent, Nathan
Private, Iowa, 3rd Regiment, Company F, Infantry
Bessette, Joseph
Private, Vermont, 14th Regiment, Company I, Infantry
Private, Vermont, 17th Regiment, Company B, Wagoner

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Binkley, Davidson
Private, Illinois, 128th Regiment, Company G, Infantry
Blickenderfer, Henry
Private, Pennsylvania, 79th Regiment, Company B, Infantry

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Burry, Henry
Private, Pennsylvania, 2nd Battalion, Infantry
Private, Pennsylvania, Battery F, Light Artillery
Dollar, Conrad Terwilliger
Private/2nd Lieutenant, New York, 18th Regiment, Company F

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​​​​​​​Donaldson, Church
Sergeant, New York, 156th Regiment, Company E, Infantry

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Doremus, Andrew
Corporal/5th Sergeant, New Jersey, 25th Regiment, Company C, Infantry
Gilbert, Arthur Washington
Private, Wisconsin, 24th Regiment, Company B, Infantry
Ham, John Martin
Private, Illinois, 101st Regiment, Company B, Volunteer Infantry

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Hicks, Asher Nicols
Drum Major, New Jersey, 8th Regiment, Company B, Infantry
Hicks, Edward
Private, Musician, New Jersey, 8th Regiment, Company B, Infantry
Private, Musician, New Jersey, 8th Regiment, Company D, Infantry
Hicks, George
Private, Musician, New Jersey, 8th Regiment, Company I, Infantry
McCarthy, Michael
Private, Massachusetts, 18th Regiment, Company K, Infantry
Rounds, Israel
Private, Pennsylvania, 3rd Regiment, Heavy Artillery

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Skillman, Theodore
Private, New Jersey, 7th Regiment, Company E, Infantry
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Soles, Orinton Lewis
Private, New York, 26th Regiment, Company K, Infantry
Corporal, Massachusetts, 4th Regiment, Company H, Cavalry
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Stevens, George Adams
Corporal, New Jersey, 11th Regiment, Company H, Infantry
Storms, William
Private, New Jersey, 15th Regiment, Company C, Infantry
Umphenour, Jacob
Private, Illinois, 12th Regiment, Company C, Infantry
VanBlarcom, Francis
New Jersey, Ordinary Sailor aboard the USS Santee
Waldman, Valentine
Corporal, Missouri, 2nd Regiment, Battery A, Light Artillery